New! -- The Ocean Band Cards

Ocean Band Cards

Dazzling Damson - Swan White - Bottle Brown - Sunset Orange.... The new Ocean Band Cards are here!

These vibrant cards take you on a journey into your inner light. They can be used for meditation or divination and shine their love, light and insights into all the facets of your life.

The enclosed guidebook outlines the meanings behind each of the 21 Rays, and shows you how to use the Colours to experience your life at a deeper level.

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Colour Rays

Colour Rays

We are all on a voyage of discovery -- trying to find who we are: what makes us tick, why we hold ourselves back...

The Colour Rays are 147 breathtaking colours, each one a gateway for clarity and transformation. Ranging from the passion of Burning Red to the healing balm of Delicious Lilac; from the abundance of Corn Gold, to the insight of Diamond White, each Ray reveals an aspect of your shimmering self.

As you delve into them you will be amazed by the honesty of the Colours, and their ability to touch your deepest core.

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Rainbow Revelations

Rainbow Revelations

"What are the energies on the planet this week? How can I align myself to move in greater harmony?"

Rainbow Revelations answer that question. Channelled specifically for each week, they reveal the Colour Rays pouring on the planet, reflecting the pulse of the time.

Weaving the Colour Rays, the Earth Chords and the Stations of the Lyme Game, they offer wisdom and insight into how to bring light and awareness into our daily lives.

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Earth Chords and the Light Grids

Earth Chords

The ancient Atlantean Light Grids are being re-activated on the planet now. These Grids are raising the planet's vibration making enlightenment consciousness available to us all.

You can link with the planetary Light Grids wherever you are - receiving energy from the Grids and transmitting to the Grids.

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Weekly Rainbow Circle Meditation Events

Rainbow Circle Meditation events

Join us in our weekly global celebration-event every Tuesday at 1pm GMT.

Linking with light-helpers and friends across the planet, we raise the energy in joy and celebration, tune into the Light Grids, and shower Colour Rays, love and consciousness wherever it is needed.

Participate with us in this weekly energy-celebration -- in person or from wherever you are, over the ethers.

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